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Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process.  In fact, more than fifty percent of people 60 years of age and older are diagnosed with cataracts during a routine eye exam. 

A cataract is a progressive clouding of the natural lens of the eye.  As the lens gets cloudy it interferes with light coming into the eye, as well as your ability to see clearly.  Sufferers will often describe their vision as “cloudy”, similar to looking through wax paper with a gradual blurring or dimming of vision.

Reading may become more difficult and driving may become dangerous due to decreased vision as well as glare and halos around lights at night. 

Currently, the only way to achieve clear vision again is to physically remove the cloudy lens from the eye and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens.  The time to remove your cataract is when you feel your quality of life has suffered due to your vision.

Years ago cataract surgery was considered risky and postponed for as long as possible.  With the advances in today’s technology the procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and takes only minutes.  Patients can then go home and rest comfortably without the inconvenience or expense of a hospital stay.

Exciting News!!

There are now Premium Lenses available for select patients to reduce their need for glasses following cataract surgery. Patients who have astigmatism will want to learn more about a Toric Implant, a lens that permanently corrects astigmatism. For patients who wish to reduce their dependence on reading glasses after surgery may want to learn more about the Crystalens and ReSTOR lens options!

Not everyone is a candidate for Premium Lenses and they are not fully covered by insurance.  Our doctors will let you know if you are a candidate and our surgical counselor will go over fees and insurance.

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