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Your Visit

your visit

Expect to be at our office for approximately 90 minutes if you are having a comprehensive exam.  Most often when you have a comprehensive exam your eyes are dilated.  Dilation causes you to be very light sensitive for a few hours and decreases your near vision temporarily.  Most of our patients drive themselves home after their visit, however if you feel concerned we encourage you to bring a driver.

Our certified ophthalmic staff will discuss with you the reason for your visit and any concerns you may have.  They will perform the special testing necessary to prepare you for the doctor.  Your doctor will then thoroughly examine your eyes and discuss their findings.

When your exam is over, please feel free to browse our Optical.  Our opticians will be happy to make any adjustments or repairs needed on your current pair of glasses, or help restyle you in a brand new pair!

At the end of your visit we will collect your copay and payment for any services not covered by insurance.

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